Thursday, February 12, 2009

Population Growth Shows Slack: Better Chance at UAE Properties for Investors

The statistics first: 

Compared to last January, this year is seeing population growth slashed by a half.

Compared to the number of visas issued last year (93,957) this year has witnessed a cut in numbers (88,423 issued this year). 

Logical inference: 

Less people are coming into Dubai to work, stay, etc., while more people are leaving the Emirate for home countries, greener pastures, etc. 

Is it time to get alarmed? Not really. 

At least not where Dubai real estate and investment matters. There are some great UAE properties for sale out there and if you have wizened up to the real estate situation, then you just might get lucky. 

SkyDome Properties for instance, has access to several Dubai and Abu Dhabi properties currently selling at discounted packages. The projects in Dubai Land, Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach are some of the UAE residential properties on sale. 

Our Dubai property investment company suggests homeowners and investors alike think hard about purchasing property during the current economic scenario. Given Dubai’s penchant for rebuilding and reinventing itself, you could never know when the tide turns and changes property investment in Dubai for the better. 

As a homeowner/investor, would you consider buying/investing in a Dubai apartment for sale now or later when you are more certain of the market? Send in your comments and suggestions to SkyDome Properties.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Transportation Updates for Dubai & Abu Dhabi Properties Holders

The state of traffic in Dubai is undoubtedly one of the primary concerns voiced by those intending to buy properties in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the first time or settle in a locality different from their current one. In this regard, the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) is working very hard to ease the situation. 

Recently, nineteen double-decker buses were introduced on the Dubai roads and the number is expected to increase to seventy before the year is out. In comparison to privately owned cars and taxicabs, modes of transport like buses are definitely the better option for those who commute regularly. 

If you plan to purchase any investment property in Dubai, bus routes that offer convenient transport could be one of the factors to take into consideration for fixing on the locality you would like to live in. 

The ‘Pink’ bus is another heavily anticipated travel option in Dubai. Meant for female commuters, this effort to ease travelling comfortably for women is viewed as something of a sequel to the earlier launch of the Pink taxi. 

Similarly, for those evaluating UAE properties for sale in Abu Dhabi it would be good to know about the fifteen percent drop in fatalities and injuries due to road accidents in the city. Compared to Dubai, the UAE capital is much less crowded and also presents a good number of Abu Dhabi properties for sale. 

Make a studied decision of the locality you would like to settle down in before you go ahead with your decision to buy properties in Dubai. The time you take is well worth the decision you make.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

UAE Properties Developers Finally Making the Going Easier on Buyers

For those contemplating a Dubai property investment the times are fair indeed, but spare a thought for what the property developers and construction houses are facing and it is a sobering trip to reality. Regardless, Deyaar one of Dubai’s primary real estate developers has found a balance. 

In a first of its kind move in the Dubai real estate investment business, a property developer has curtailed development and eliminated projects after selling the units. A dual-benefit approach, Deyaar is offering its customers the option to switch the UAE properties they have already purchased with alternatives that suit their requirements. 

Of course, those buying properties in Dubai (for Deyaar projects) will have to choose from the options that are remaining after their project development slash. The crux of the matter is Deyaar has paved the way for other developers to follow suit and salvage something out of the losses that seem not so far away. 

What about those who have purchased UAE residential properties from Deyaar and cannot find a better alternative? 

SkyDome Properties advises these parties to make a studied choice of the rest of the UAE properties for sale market and then decide. Select Deyaar projects are even being offered at specially reduced rates to make things easier on the buyer. In such a light, is it wise to forgo all the financial benefits? 

If you cannot make up your mind, hire a consultant for property investment in Dubai. Look carefully at all the pros and cons he will be in a state to highlight and then go ahead with your decision to buy property in Dubai

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Does Your Dubai Apartment for Sale Have Good Nursery Space?

With Mothercare having made its long-awaited debut in Dubai with the largest international store at Dubai Mall, the city-state seems more serious about tiny tots. 

Can you say the same about the myriad UAE residential properties cropping up in the real estate listings though? 

For expatriates and couples coming to settle down in Dubai, this could be a special concern given how much they are used to apartments and villas with a dedicated nursery space for little ones. Even families looking for a good neighborhood to live in would want to buy property in Dubai that includes this element. 

So where do you begin looking? 

You could begin with UAE properties for sale along Dubai Waterfront. The residential floors at the Ferretti Tower hold some great views and neighborhood facilities that are child-friendly. 

Queue Point Liwan and The Light Commercial Tower in Dubai Land are two other lovely UAE residential properties you could enquire about with your real estate consultant. 

At SkyDome Properties, we can help you out with Dubai property investment options that include interior elements like nurseries, studies and libraries for children. It may be difficult finding UAE properties for sale that fit this description, but it is certainly not impossible. 

If you are serious about investment property in Dubai adjusted to create a space for young children and have the budget to see the purchase through, we suggest hiring property consultants to help you in your search. SkyDome Properties could even find properties that are in close proximity to schools and recreational amenities. 

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Choose the Right Shades for Your New Residential Abu Dhabi Properties

Professionals in color application, Pantone recently announced the Color of the Year for 2009- Mimosa. The cheery yellow color brings bold back and bids a sweet adieu to shades of white and pastels that held so much sway last year. 

Vibrant hues for the house may be just the thing to use now that times are getting so tough for so many of us here in Dubai. Think stunning reds, majestic blues and dazzling greens for the walls, and you just might have interiors that leave the talking to the walls for once. 

This house on My Home Ideas makes use of a lovely red to bring out the personality of the room and invites a second look. Similarly, you could dress up the walls of your Dubai property investment with shades like a royal inky blue or even sunset orange. 

One thing you need to avoid or at least check that your interior decorator avoids is mixing bold paints with too many trinkets and accents in a particular room. No matter how spacious your room is or how much natural light is streaming into it, you will be left with walls that are too in your face. 

One good trick decorators use and homeowners can try out is including mood lighting or lamps that are in tune with the theme of the room. 

Owners of UAE residential properties usually spend a lot on the purchase of the house. The result is a smaller budget for decorating and furnishing. Try to gauge the overall costs of the property you want to purchase with your real estate consultant, so that you are left with a balanced view of what is required and what can be left for later.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Before you Buy Property in Dubai Check the Market Status

Apartments, villas and suites constructed by some of the most prominent property development houses in the UAE are listed in the SkyDome Properties directory- Nakheel, Damac, Eternal Star, Emmar and Rak to name a few. 

These houses and UAE commercial properties speak of quality construction and engineering and can prove to have high returns in the future largely due to the location in which they are constructed. However, as an investor there is one vital factor you need to observe before making an investment. 

Consider the Dubai real estate investment market for the past decade. It will help you decide how to allocate your funds and determine the best time to buy property in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in the Emirates. 

Veteran real estate investors may be positive about the Dubai property investment market, but it would be fool hardy to risk money without understanding the dynamics dictating such a situation. You might as well rent UAE properties (the rents have cooled down lately). 

Dubai real estate investment professionals are already predicting a shaky year for property investment in Dubai and from the look of things, Abu Dhabi properties could suffer as well. 

So before you get excited about the low price of many UAE properties, take time to get a professional opinion and make your decision accordingly. SkyDome Properties can help you out with market analysis, mortgage options and property selection besides helping with a host of different issues first-time homeowners face. 

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get the Chi Flowing in Your Commercial Property in Dubai

Commercial property in Dubai is going to get easier to come by in the coming few months thanks to a low UAE properties market. There are some splendid options for those interested in buying properties in Dubai for retail or trade purposes. 

The Vision Tower in Business Bay for instance, is a freehold office tower located on Sheikh Zayed Road near Burj Dubai Downtown. At fifty-one stories, the tower will provide the people working within with clear views of the surrounding area besides amenities like health clubs, restaurants and a private way to the Bay Avenue. 

Skyscrapers and apartment offices are not the only options available for commercial property in Dubai though. UAE commercial properties like ranches for breeding horses, falconry, camel farms, etc. can be found in the more outlying regions of the city as are restaurant and hotel spaces and retail spots in major malls. 

Searching this database of UAE properties for sale can be an exhaustive process though. Hire a Dubai real estate investment consultant for a better idea about the entire process of commercial property purchase. 

If you are worried about aspects like Feng Shui or Vaastu in relation to your Dubai property investment, then SkyDome Properties can get in touch with qualified practitioners who can help you decide. 

Our real estate consultancy is very flexible and can accommodate every type of business need to facilitate a smooth purchase process for your new office space. Let us know how we can best help you by visiting us at SkyDome Properties.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dressing Up Your Dubai Real Estate Investment To Make A Statement

Okay, so you have invested in the Abu Dhabi properties or house of your choice and paid an insane amount of money to acquire it. But do you continue with a lower budget interior decoration plan or lavish your resources on the best? 

Yes, a tough to decision to make, this one. But SkyDome Properties can help you figure out a safe balance between these two equally vital needs. 

Our Dubai real estate investment company can point you towards decorators and furnishers who understand home aesthetics and can work out a design plan for your home affordably. Alternatively, certain development companies send out their own decorators to help buyers. Let us know if you have a need for either of these options. 

One tip that can work out rather well for your dream of a warm and cozy home needs to be thought out before you sign the dotted line. A Dubai apartment for sale or even a villa that has abundant natural light streaming into the house during daytime is a DIY designer’s delight. Check out our listings or get in touch with our UAE properties experts to scan out similar options. 

We understand that not everyone is lucky to have their Dubai property investment located in sylvan surroundings, given the shortage of affordable housing in such areas. If you are buying property in Abu Dhabi or Dubai on a tight budget, then use the abundance of sales and discounts on furniture and home ware that are coming up (DSF is a good time). 

A bit of innovation and lot more research can be the best helpers to convert your house into a home. Let us at SkyDome Properties know how we can help you best.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Improved Road Transport For UAE Commercial Properties Holders

Looking at the fortuitous start the Road Transport Association has had this year, no one can accuse the government body of negligence. In a bid to increase environmental awareness and road safety, the RTA introduced the first awards for sustainable transport. 

As the categories for judging included managing and streamlining mobility, transport safety and environment conservation, it is safe to say that the traffic situation in Dubai is improving. For employers owning commercial property in Dubai and having their employees travel some distance to come to work, this is good news. 

The peak-hour traffic slugging along Sheikh Zayed Road is tiresome to say the least and therefore most workers prefer to rent houses that are closer to their workplaces. An improved and organized traffic system, the Dubai Metro and a significant increase in the bus fleet numbers make for a formidable combination, one that could very well help out with housing problems. 

The Dubai Police officers patrolling the road are proposed to see an increase from the present number of 100 to 1000 as well, making implementing traffic laws and regulations easier and stricter. This will also benefit the black point system simultaneously. 

Start scanning the various UAE commercial properties for office or factory space that can be purchased at a practical amount. No matter what area in Dubai offices are based in, organizations will have a less tardy workforce- one that also does not need to spend precious time waiting for the car in front of them to move.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Watching Dubai Property Investment Grow & Slacken

The President and Vice President of the UAE are doing all they can to alleviate the housing situation in Gaza, desperate as it is, with a pledge to construct 600 housing units in the country. There are a lot more instances like this to accentuate the efforts the UAE is making for the Palestinians. 

In Dubai property and investment, the situation is just the opposite. Of course, the city is not exactly in the grip of conditions of war, but conditions might as well be as dire. 

Real estate developers are being asked to slow on property construction progress as the Emirate records its very first deficit. From the thirteen percent per annum growth Dubai used to record, there is a markable lowering observed- one predicted to last until 2015. 

Already, UAE properties like the Dubai Waterfront and Palm Jebel Ali are moving at a slower pace. Real estate consultants advise investors and buyers to check out for similar behavior among their investments. Commercial property in Dubai especially, is an area that investors need to be wary regarding. 

Hiring the services of a real estate consultant who understands the market intimately is a necessity in these times of decline. When you decide to select a particular location, make sure you or your organization have identified all the opportunities and options available. 

It does not matter if the construction projects are being undertaken by established names in the housing construction business, UAE commercial properties all over are affected. 

Get to know how you can benefit from Dubai real estate investment during this phase in the market. Visit SkyDome Properties for analytical help and services.

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